why do you say that the D6 release failed? I do not agree. You can translate all of those things, and you can use actions and triggers, there is no real issue with actions (or maybe I just did not find any, but I can tell I am using them, and still improving them)..
and the D6 release is not over, it's just getting better and better every day, see features for example.. Drupal is not just the code from core..

as I see the only way to make Drupal core functionality even better is to use it. Using core functionality inside Drupal core is not a real use case. So D7 release will be better after the release, without changing core, when 5000 modules will be released for D7.. If some API is wrong in D7, then it will be fully explored only after the release, and hopefully fixed in D8..

we can go and improve the API for years, it always could be better, but we need to ship it, to achieve our goals..


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