Exactly, i have 4 websites with Drupal. two of them were long time after Drupal 6 release so i made them with D6 and the others were few month after Drupal 6's release so i built them with D5 because of contributed modules, i don't have any plan to upgrade , i just don't see that much of a difference between D5 and D6 to worth the effort. i still have problem (not the same problems ofcurse ) with images, private public handling , i18n, etc

What i'm trying to say is the different between two releases should be big enough to motivate the developers of this thousands modules to upgrade their modules .

I have at least more than 8 critical contributed modules on each installation and i think the others have even more, IMHO We should admit that the true power of Drupal couldn't be unleashed without contributed modules. after all Drupal is a framework as well.


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