As mentioned also above, I must thank you for this post. My general impression is that follow strictly unmentioned and unspoken organizational voluntary contribution rules. Therefore I do not wonder anymore if with any new core version Drupal-Users (of what ever lever of implementation) will find bugs due to not complete development, patching and implementation sessions. I allow to cite Dries Buytaert (I hope some of you remember in which occasion and exactly how he expressed and said) "I want to eliminate the Webmaster from Drupal roles". It should be happen around the DC Drupal Convention, I guess. As to specify I'm not a coder but a "User". I fully agree that your proposal would help many voluntary Members and Contributors but only when "Users and Contributors" on have really a democratic and well organized Community they may achieve changes for all related Drupal Management Systems. I am really not convinced that you can "Eliminate" a "Webmaster", not on Drupal and neither on other Content Management Systems. Drupal is Great but much greater are the single individuals, those prominent contributors or simple user (like me or You) that with their feedback did make what Drupal is today.


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