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Active snapshot: adminmenu2.1
This site demonstrates how Drupal Administration Menu boosts administrative performance in Drupal sites. It is not only a showcase, it is also sandbox that will help in quality assurance.

Mollom protects this site.

A new challenge for Dries: Make Mollom protect this site from spammers. ;)

Really - I don't know why - but this site gets a bloat of spam submissions per hour. CAPTCHAs to no effect. Now, let's see how Mollom performs. :)

Given the thrilled feedback from some other community members, my expectations are high.

Drupal Administration Menu port for Drupal 6.x

You would like to see a port of Drupal Administration Menu for Drupal 6.x?

Please join us! Contribute to port this invaluable helper module!

Drupal Administration Menu v2.4 released

Thanks to the valuable contributions of Jeff Eaton and Robert Garrigos, we've been able to finish a new official release of Drupal Administration Menu.

In this version, we have most notably introduced a module settings page for Drupal Administration Menu. Site administrators are now able to configure whether Drupal Administration Menu should apply an additional margin-top to a theme. This increases compatibility with themes that are using absolute positioned HTML elements. Furthermore, this is accomplished by adding a CSS class to the body element, so you are able to override further styles depending on the existence of Drupal Administration Menu, if needed.

Drupal Administration Menu without a block

We have implemented a patch to inject admin menu into the theme in this showcase.

With this patch, Drupal Administration Menu is output via hook_footer() in

echo $closure;

This effectively means, that you do not need to setup a block for a particular Drupal theme. Furthermore, Drupal Administration Menu does not clutter the (beginning) HTML output with the whole administrative menu structure of a site.

Weak implementations of meta-regions

As you can see in this demonstration, Drupal Administration Menu can be implemented without any modifications to a site's theme.1)

However, there are some themes in the wild that do not implement a header region. For many of them, Admin Menu can simply be assigned to another region, for example left sidebar, and a weight of -10.

Unfortunately, there are themes that use deep selectors to force a specific width to blocks in sidebars. In these themes, one may assign Admin Menu to another region, for example content. What matters is that the Admin Menu block is always rendered in front of any other menu block.

1) Hint: The Drupal Administration Menu banner is injected via JavaScript.

If you found a bug, needed to force some Drupal Administration Menu styles, if you would like to contribute new features or to see another theme here, please file an issue over at Drupal.org.

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