I propose that on September 1, 2011 we initiate a Drupal Association Membership Drive. On this day, everyone who wants to help fix drupal core, purchase a Drupal Association Membership. The funds raised will go to hiring several full-time core developers to fix Drupal Core and make it what it is meant to be. Think about how much damage we can do with a couple million dollars in the Drupal purse.

I know the Association does not get involved in core dev, but this is the only governing body we have to be able to pull this off. Also, this is not about the all mighty dollar-this is about allowing these brilliant core developers to focus on core and not have to balance client projects to make ends meet.

A Drupal Association Membership is $30. There are currently 1,494,784 users on D.O. Even if only 1/4 of us did this, we would raise $11,210, 880.


Personally, I would rather donate a small amount of my own money to get this fixed, then give a several hundred dollars to some corporation for their proprietary CMS.


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