This one is going to be short.

If you want to make Drupal 7 any sense for developers, themers, and users, then you really want to spend a fair amount of time on issues tagged with "API clean-up":

In case you think you don't have time, then please prepare for not complaining later. Thanks.

We roughly have 3 weeks left. Most of those issues have at least one Drupal developer working on it and this (issue tag) queue itself has a high momentum.

What's badly missing is reviews from people who care. Developers (including me) cannot mark their own patches as "reviewed & tested by the community", since every single patch needs to go through a so called "peer-review" - someone else has to confirm that the approach taken is sane, the code looks good, and the patch improves Drupal's quality.

Wanna help making Drupal 7 "usable" from all perspectives?

  • We're always available on IRC,, #drupal - learn more.
  • Grab yourself Dreditor (the Drupal [patch review] Editor) in case you're using Firefox or another Greasemonkey-compatible browser. Use that to review those patches.

Specifically: I know there are countless of Drupal shops and Drupal agencies out there. Those who always complain about bad APIs, inconsistently applied features, and bugs here and there. This is the chance to get yourself beyond talking and complaining. Start now.

In case you'd like to work on Drupal core, but you can't for any reason:

Tell us the issues you'd really like or badly need to get done, along with a good reason for why we should get them done for you.


Thanks for this call to action and the link to the direct queue. The drop is moving ever faster forward and sometimes it's hard to keep track of what the best places are to lend a hand.

I think Drupal is very interesting and fun to use. You really have to appreciate all of the cool things you can do with this language. I really am impressed to say the least.

Thanks Laci Nelson

we are using drupal in almost every of our site. it is the best thg out there now. but a new release like drupal 7 should really fix the bugs that we find in drupal 6.

I was gald to find some real facts on this topic at last. I've been searching the web for some information about Drupal 7, and came across a couple of reads and videos and some tutorial on setting up a Drupal 7 site . Helped me much. The good thing is that Drupal gives you good opportunities for creating a community site. Some of the modules that Wordpress and Joomla do not contain, are really much helpful. Besides, once you have your Drupal site installed, you can update your site title and logo, change the way your site looks with themes, and add content.

What does the future of Drupal look like? There are so many competing CMS platforms out now. Of course, Drupal is still one of my favorites (along with Wordpress because it's so darn easy to use for my clients). I believe Drupal 9 is coming out soon. Any thoughts on that latest version?

Generally, "Power in Simplicity" makes a better first impression than "Community plumbing". Drupal, as a platform and community, won. We've left the competition in the dust.

The demo presented is quite clear and concise. Users like me who are interested with the new display suite toys would certainly find the demo extremely useful and helpful. I think I would refer the demo to some of my friends who might also find this interesting.

Drupal 7 is just out. Drupal 8 won't be out for a good couple of years yet.