just for some context, this blog post:

came up in #drupal-contribute.

note the "Good project leadership from Acquia."...

Hear hear.

A context-less post like this leaves too much room for interpretation. It should really be amended to explain the context beejeebus added and maybe give some personal input. Without context and perspective I hardly see how this is worthy of being in planet.

Yeah, some guy's blog post from April 2011 (9 months ago) is wrong. And? He was corrected in the comments two days after posting it.

Acquia and its team members go to great lengths to work with PR folks and journalists to explain the relationship between Acquia and Drupal, but some people remain confused. We should continue to educate them, but this post doesn't actually educate.

I do not know why you posted this on Planet, and what you really issue is. As greggles noted, an old blog post that was corrected a long time ago.
This seems just stupid.