The Drupal Crisis

There have been many pretty obvious signs in the recent past for what can only be considered as a critical milestone:

February 2008: Drupal 7 opened for development.

Oktober 2008: 285 unresolved bugs for Drupal 7.


It can be wrong to delegate. It can be wrong to hide from the details. It is wrong to keep on moving silently like you always did.

Mollom module for Drupal 7 released

Earlier this week, we released the first stable version of the Mollom module for Drupal 7. The release denotes a major milestone for the engineering team at Mollom, because we started to track the development of Drupal 7 very early and kept the module always compatible to latest code in Drupal core.

Drupal 7 retrospective and outlook

Almost 3 years of Drupal 7 development are behind us and we are finally about to release the beast. It is the first Drupal core release cycle that I actively participated in and I have to say that I learned a lot, from writing proper and core-worthy code, over phrasing usable user interface texts, to internals of almost all subsystems and modules in Drupal core.

Now that we're officially "closing" Drupal 7, it's time to slowly start to think about the future. Of course, while all Drupal core contributors have been busy with getting Drupal 7 out of the door in the past year, it's not like we wouldn't have identified countless of follow-up tasks and challenges for Drupal 8 already.

How to run ChatZilla as stand-alone IRC client via Firefox

The Drupal community heavily uses Internet Relay Chat (IRC) to talk about ideas, development, contributions, events, and everything else concerning Drupal. A low barrier for communicating contributions, as well as getting and offering support is crucial for the Drupal project.

More than 50 Drupal modules moved into Drupal 7

Two years of development are behind us, and it's quite exciting to see what we've achieved.

Drupal core development workflow

So it seems Larry Garfield (Crell) and me nailed a serious issue in Jimmy Berry's (boombatower) post about Drupal core development, where even chx's idea of sub-system maintainers not being able/allowed to commit their own patches would not help, because the lack of communication and coordination remains. In fact, adding more people with commit access would vastly increase the problem, and now that I think about it, this is exactly what Dries mentioned to me in person when I discussed more core committers with him in Paris.

Any Drupal developers out there?

This one is going to be short.

If you want to make Drupal 7 any sense for developers, themers, and users, then you really want to spend a fair amount of time on issues tagged with "API clean-up":

In case you think you don't have time, then please prepare for not complaining later. Thanks.