This blog post and comments have sparked some great conversation on a range of topics. There's some common threads here, and for people interested in continuing constructive dialogue about them, may I suggest some of these places:

- Drupal 7 core is released, so we can't change what it includes and doesn't include, but we can discuss what to include or not include in Drupal 8.

- Concerns have been raised that not only did Dries make a bad decision about including Overlay, Dashboard, Shortcut, and maybe some other modules in core, but that his position at Acquia either directly or indirectly influenced that decision. To be fair, not all people, even among those who have commented here, believe it was a bad decision, and there has been no evidence presented in the comments here that Dries was influenced by Acquia in making it. However, as this open source project becomes commercially successful, we all need to be extra diligent in protecting the integrity of the project from inappropriate corporate influence.

- Concerns have also been raised about us having too few core developers who are highly active, and a process that's too hard or unmotivating for the people with just a little bit of time to contribute. I think the latter part can be helped by simplifying our APIs and improving our collaboration tools. I think the former can be helped by providing a mechanism by which people can be highly active contributors and also pay their bills.

Finally, to those people who are maybe a little newer in the community, and have said that this discussion makes them worry about the health and future of Drupal, I'd just like to say that from my perspective, I think it's always been like this. We're always critical of ourselves, raising concerns when we see something going the wrong direction, sparking provocative conversations, and debating ideas across blog posts and in the issue queue. Is there any successful project that depends on the voluntary collaboration of thousands of opinionated and passionate people that doesn't do this? Despite this (and in my opinion, because of it), we have created something very cool that I believe will remain worth being a part of for years to come. Of course, you need to make your own choice about that.


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