As you may have experienced on your own, when being involved in consulting and development business, it can be very hard to find the time to work on your own presentation, which - of course - totally must include your great ideas and showcase your own quality standards... ;)

Our relaunch, we actually started to prepare around 1.5 years ago. But as usual, we got sidetracked into countless of client projects "in between", and never really found the spare time to schedule some dedicated time for our own site. We even considered to find someone else to do it for us, but that would have been totally weird.

Now, what you see is the conclusion for this issue: Do it iteratively, but do it neat.

Pushing our relaunched Drupal site out into the wild actually is also our way to extend our focus from consulting, development, and design, and step behind real-world issues of site administrators and content publishers - the area where Drupal still lacks in (too) many areas.

You may know our contributions to Drupal already. It's time to expect some more.

To start with, the Administration menu module has been enhanced with the shiny new Administration views module, which replaces most of Drupal's administrative listing screens (Content management, Comment moderation, Taxonomy terms, User management) with Views-driven, ajaxified, quickly filterable, but also actionable listings.

Something, you'd expect from a CMS as powerful as Drupal.

Note that Administration views module requires a patch for Views module to make pages on menu paths below those overridden listing pages work properly.


Amazing site.
I'll definitely have to catch up with you Paris and do a Drupal Voices interview for Lullabot since you're definitely a man of action in the Drupal world. I'll be wondering around with a microphone.

You also happen to be prominently featured in the latest Lullabot Training video called "Site Building with Drupal" as webchick demos how to find and evaluate modules (by using WYSIWYG as an example.)

See ya in Paris!


Congratulations to your new site - it looks really stunning!

Was lange währt, wird endlich gut! So wie ein Wein – von allerbester Güte – reifen muss, so ist auch diese Seite im Konzept und der Umsetzung gereift. Das was wir hier sehen dürfen scheint ja auch erst der Anfang des Konzepts zu sein.

Es wird wohl noch sehr viel von dieser Seite zu erwarten sein. Wenn Drupal Genies am Werk sind entsteht Magie! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu diesem Prachtstück.

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Bruno Baidenger

it could be that my eyes are not what they used to be, but can the font be bigger. Not many people remember that they an use Ctrl+mouse wheel to enlarge the font.

Drupal is geweldig, dank voor de fijne detachering en tips, je blog is heel mooi, houd je prima werken.

great post

Someone here said the site is stunning and I completely agree with it. It is just the word which can describe the impression the website produces. I like the design a lot. By the way, did you use ThemeBuilder ( )? I guess I'll check it in your tips.